“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

- Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, February 21, 2010

He is a Good Time Cowboy Casanova

Where have I been ? I don't think I can even put my last few weeks into words that make sense, so I'll just list what has been going on instead:

- sick
-hubby became sick
-hubby got me sick again (don't you love being married?)
-successfully fought off a sinus infection before it became unbearable

-worked usually at 4:30am or 6:30am
-came home from work, napped and "restarted" my day
-school Monday through Thursday from 2-7ish
-came home, relaxed my brain by playing some computer games or catching up on my tv shows

*constant repeat*

It has been so difficult to get used to this new schedule of mine. For the past eight or so years of my life, I have been a night-owl. Go to bed at 3am? Yep. I was always the closing shift lead at Starbucks, having my hours range from getting home around 11pm to 1:15am, which would then leave wonderful room for sleeping in the next day, and then school in the afternoon before the work shift began all over again.

Now, I am changing everything up. Because I am taking credential courses at school, they are all mostly offered after 2pm and go quite late into the evening; this consequently means I needed to suck it up and finally become an opener at work. I had to some how find a way to accept the fact that my old bedtime of 3am was going to quickly become the time that my alarm would annoyingly buzz next to my ear in hopes of waking me up. This was not a fun realization...

Unfortunately I've become dependent on my naps to get me through my days. I know it probably isn't the healthiest thing to nap constantly so hopefully this will change with time. Then again, gotta do what you gotta do .... right? I also am somewhat addicted to my naps because it gives me an excuse to cuddle with this little dude of mine.
(Please ignore how terrible the photo is ... I think Kevin took that when I was exhausted from a 4:30am until 12:30pm work shift and getting ready for the nap of the day)

Onto happier subjects!!!

So I finally began promoting my love for cupcakes. As you have probably seen in the past, I loove experimenting and just having fun baking those precious and tasty things. The fun thing? I actually had an old friend from high school/softball ask me to make her some Valentines cupcakes for her boyfriend. Totally stoked!!

And here are some others that I was experimenting with for Vday

I had so much fun doing those. I just figured ... why the heck not, you know? I think there are so many little things that we do everyday that we should all do more often. I also began to experiment with cakes and made my nephew Sean a Toy Story cake..... I'll post another update tomorrow with those photos :)

Hope everyone is doing great <3

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